But before he suffered, he lived his life out for his brothers.

For centuries the humans have been allowed to own and control the preserved words, to do with them what they have pleased. And what have they done with them? Creating gods who never existed, creating systems by which they can exploit and control other humans, so that they can get for their own selves what they as the animals they are crave and desire to get, to satisfy that animal hunger in them that needs to control and own whatever they possibly can. What the humans have done with the words is why most people consider them rubbish and unimportant, because what they have been made into (not what they actually are) is exactly that--unimportant inapplicable mythology about gods who never were. The reason this was allowed to happen is because the genuine God, finally having His own Son with Him where He is (hidden from man and his perpetual schemings), went away from man, underground if you will, and left man to his own landscape of self-fulfilling lies about the secret thing which the words declare.

The hiding God loves not the conformer but the iconoclast, whom the real Son of God actually was. The conformer is merely exercising his animal power to find what will quell the great fear living deep within himself and all the other animals. That elusive feeling of security, on whatever level it can be achieved, is the prize of every animal, including the humans. The generic gods that the humans have forever been involved in creating for themselves provide that sort of hope of security and safety. However, any substantial feeling in regards to this only ever comes by the agreement from the other animals, that their particular generic god will indeed deliver on the promise they have generated amongst themselves via that very valuable agreement they aim to maintain--their actual means of the salvation they expect to be getting.

The hidden (yet only truly living being) God has never been generic, even as described in the vast metaphorical messages contained within the preserved words that the humans cannot comprehend (because the meaning has been obscured by design). All that the humans--who want to be able to claim and convince that they know the way to God--can ever do is create their version of god(s) according to how they want, need and crave them to be. The premiere example of this is Christianity in all its various forms, from the great Roman mother throughout all the ages and including every one of her offspring that follow the made up jesus god--all the institutions that are founded upon this fundamental miscomprehension about who the Son was (and wasn't). Basically, every last one of them.

The made up generic gods are always for the humans and on their side, which is a pattern by which we can arrive at conclusions about their invalidity. The generic gods are *always* partial toward them and their cause (their selves and those who agree with them, who conform to the established agreement of that particular institution). These are the same gods who, according to their creators, want to cram as many of these animals (those who who deem themselves the "good people" by agreeing, conforming) as possible into their made up heaven, paradise or version of the kingdom they assume to be able to control by the agreement they get from each other that their own particular miscomprehension is somehow, and for some very subjective reason (because they agree that it is), "the truth." Their gods always do what the humans want them to do because they're made by them--the same way the Roman and Greek gods were created by humans--so they naturally work for them and serve the humans who control them, just the way they like to be served--as per the dictates of the nature that rules them (animal instinct--voice of actual devil, satan, etc.), which they religiously serve.

The overriding message of these pages is this: the purpose and meaning of everything that exists is metaphorically relayed in the beginning of and throughout those words which were preserved: God desired to have a family of sons who know Him not because any human convinced or taught them, but because He revealed Himself and His requirements to each of them, individually and secretly. It isn't just in adhering to a bunch of abstract religious concepts based on words that mean nothing to the humans because their teachings don't come close to explaining what's actually inside them. The leaders talk about far away things that make no sense to the human experience (sin, sinners, law, salvation by agreement/conformity, generic god, devil entity, jesus god, spirit god, etc.). Then they say that if they want to be those whom the gods favor, then they should just accept what they say and call that "faith," or "belief." But that's just swallowing their age-old lie and those "experts" are just polished actors who learned how to act from other actors who also play the part of pretending to be something they're not, because they think the words say something to them and they want to take what isn't theirs and just assume they can have it. Everyone knows it's not genuine but animals are afraid and they hide because that's what the humans do as per Genesis 3, which explains the nature they were bound to and assumed when they became primarily fearful and removed from God. That is their actual psychology of what really lives in them, not as "sinners" who need to conform to and tow the institutional line, but fearful animals controlled by the instinct to hide, as is apparent with all the wild animals, with whom they share this nature.


The writings happened over a 3 year period, from May 1, 2004 to sometime in May, 2007, when the audio started to happen. Since each of the original written entries have been edited multiple times already, the material more nearer the top of the page will be the more recent additions, although an attempt is made within each of the days' entries to tie into and fully edit and update the previous year's entry. Sometimes, nearing toward the bottom of the entries, less editing is done. Multiple line breaks can either indicate a new thought or the previous year's entry starting below without an attempt at tying it in with the present day's entry, however that happens infrequently. Each entry attempts to follow or loosely flow from the day's readings, which segments out the chapters over a year period. The audio lasted for 1 1/2 years, ending near the last part of December, 2008. They are being picked up again as of 06/09 and will continue indefinitely until something else happens. There were some 70 videos done in that time period, which can be found if you look.


"I will open my mouth in riddles so that the secrets remain secret.
I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world."

"And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the
wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not."