May 5th.

Deuteronomy 22 / Song of Solomon 2 / Acts 14-15

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At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue. There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Gentiles believed.

Did they speak "so effectively," as the NIV translates it? The greek says "they spoke so that a great number of Jews and Gentiles believed." The translators' injection of the extra word totally changes it, making it sound like they were such great speakers and used cunning arguments by which they were able to convince people to believe. This type of thing leads to what we see so much of today amongst the liars, thinking they can convince people to believe by stories, humor, and anecdotes relating the words to common life, etc.

Turn on the radio and you can hear one after another after another of them spewing out their lies, while the people just suck it up. Although it's the way God wants it to be for His purposes, nevertheless it's aggravating because they use the words intended for the sons of God and have changed them in order to be able to own and control their religion, whatever it is. What we know to be truth they've turned into a lie and disseminate the lie. Jesus felt the same way about the leaders who distorted and perverted what was good for their own gain. So too do the present day religious leaders take the words that are twisted into lies for their own gain.

How? By controlling the ignorant masses for whatever reason they get out of it. A career (money, the means to survive), ego inflation, purpose and identity—to satisfy any number of their animal physical and emotional needs to survive by first of all surviving, then being able to feel more righteous, then satisfying what Jesus was tempted with but turned away from. Why? Because that's what animals do. The leaders of the church have just learned how to manipulate their systems and institutions as though they were corporations, and they have just worked their way up the ladder. Their "churches" are the same as anything else in their lives—just another thing to master and control, promising what cannot be promised because their authority is comes from themselves and their made up gods, and it all just mimics the natural, created, temporary reality. When one of the leaders passes past being able to control things, then another takes its place.

"If you are the Son of God," he said, "throw yourself down. For it is written: " 'He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.' "

Jumping off the temple would have instantly and without a doubt made him into what the leaders of the religious communities all strive for—self-glory, honor, money, the ability to survive and advance their own cause by their position as "expert." I know they'll respond by citing all kinds of good reasons for being leaders and teachers—to advance the cause of their gods. They talk on and on about sin and the sinful nature, however since they're not even aware of what sin is, nor the animal nature's grasp and stranglehold on them and everyone else, they certainly aren't going to be able to teach anyone except the other animals (who are willing to trust the "experts") anything but their own agenda (to rule and control them for their own sake).

We too are only men, human like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made heaven and earth and sea and everything in them.

Paul only spoke what he knew because he had been told the truth by the same spirit who lives in us, who is alive, not dead, and has also told us the truth about himself, God, the animals, the devil, the ground, etc. We are not being taught by humans, which is why we've been separated from them so their influence cannot be claimed as per what's happening in us. The Teacher is hidden and secret, not for public consumption. It is not a method or system we're making up, to create yet another system or democratic institution filled with animals who think they all know the way to God because their leaders, whom they willingly trust, say it's so easy to find and know Him. The word of God is living and active, actually alive in spirit form. Not merely words in a book that a group has made up all kind of rules about, and then are destined to live out their lives like any animal who doesn't know God.

The only way for the son to know the way to the Father is if He and the Son live in his human body, as He lived in Jesus' body; which is the model and example for the other sons. Being One, they both indwell the sons as per John 14:23. However, we're not talking about the made up spirit which the liars claim lives in them. The spirit is valuable and rare; and it isn't, as they claim, inhabiting all of their bodies like some cheap whore they think their gods must be to want to live in anyone who has an ounce of half-baked persuasion to mouth a few words and do a little dance that the leaders say is necessary to be "saved." It's a joke that's gone on for hundreds of years, and which has taken as many forms, as these religions have sprung up like sewing clubs, offering the humans false hope from their false gods made up by humans in the second third and forth centuries. Every one of them looks so much like their mother, the whore of Babylon, with a little polish on them regarding certain practices. The made up jesus god, holy spirit god, father god and devil god still remain intact, which is the product of the mother whore, who passed the lie on to her prostitute daughters.

Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders.

Paul wasn't a persuasive speaker; he admits to the Corinthians that he was a weak and unimposing little man. He didn't try to assume a position of weakness and humility like the liars, who put on their humility like it was a pair of pants—yet in their heart they are dead and hate God just as they hated Jesus. The animal nature is the devil, and the devil hates the truth of the living God. It is envious and cunning, and does what it can to persuade the sons away from the Father's truth. They can only do that because they don't have the truth, and they're groping to have it so much that they think they can just adopt it and then their gods will be all happy with them for all of the things they do on the outside. The outside doesn't mean anything to the living God though, because He lives in His own sons' hearts, not on the outside where the humans congregate and live.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

The lie they like to believe is that they're inherently so good, and what's bad and evil is external to them (the devil), so they can just shut the door and keep the devil out. The truth that they can never believe is that they have been made one with the devil and it is them. It is not some diabolical thing that lurks in the night or the evil that infests a crazy serial killer. It is themselves and their love of their own plight. It is that which drives them to care and be concerned for themselves and their own God-hating offspring who grow up the same, normal humans who couldn't be concerned about the plight and dilemma of the living God because they're so concerned about themselves and their own DNA carriers. The devil is the housewife in the pink dress who devotes her life to her own offspring and couldn't be less concerned about whether God's needs even exist, because she trusts the liars who tell her what she wants to hear so she gives them money and the ego gratification they run after (why they would consent to standing up in front of the crowd of gullible hearers, wearing the crown of their own self-righteous lies about their made up gods.

Our intention isn't to convert the liars, because they will only believe what they can hold on to and control. All what we want to do is tell the sons the bad news about the insidiousness of the animal nature; but the good news that they can be freed from it because it is their Father's intention if the word has been spoken by Him that they should be transformed into sons. If it means exposing the liars as yet another thing the animals do, like running an ace hardware store, and not in any way genuinely from the living God, then so be it. The Lord will use whatever he wants to gather up the rest of the sons for the Father's pleasure.

When we first told the humans that the spirit was doing something to us, the first reaction we got was that we must then be able to perform a miracle to prove it. That of course is the standard reaction to anyone who says the spirit's alive in the world today. It's a well founded perspective to have because those who claim to have the spirit are obviously hoaxes to the extent in that it isn't actually the spirit, meaning the life of God and Jesus in spirit form inhabiting their bodies. If anything extraordinary does happen, it is merely the work of angels furthering God's cause, giving power to the phrase, "Because they want to believe the lie, God gives them over to it." It's such a perfect way to keep the real sons' inheritance unpolluted by any and every wanker who thinks he wants to "go to heaven," by allowing them to believe that what they think is true actually is true, because of the arbitrary things that may be happening in them, which "confirms the message" to them about whatever lies they're being given over to.

The overriding (and erroneous) assumption of all these groups is that because it happened one way before, then it's gonna happen the same way again, or the way any of the particular groups think it'll happen. Even we thought for a while that the things which were happening in and around us meant that we might be involved in some way with external miracles and such, as per Acts. The circumstances are much different today than they were in the first century though. The outward miracles were necessary to "Confirm the message of his grace by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders."

His purpose is to have a faithful bride waiting for him, who knows who he is, what he did, and therefore will welcome him properly. We don't see any visible sign of that bride in the earth today—any group who knows the truth about the true Father and the true Son. We don't know all the details, just that the bride will need to know who her husband is before she can be faithful. Equally as important, the bride will need to know who her adversary is (herself as the animal and adversary of God) before she can turn away from it and be faithfully waiting for the only One who didn't allow the animal nature to rule him.

There is no reason to believe that the way it has and is happening with us is not the way it's all going to happen. That is to say quietly and subdued, with the miracles limited to working quietly inside those he is choosing to make up the body of that bride. Within themselves all the miracles the Lord plans to do could happen, just as quietly and hidden as they happen within us, which have brought us to this point in the process of the movement away from the animal. Just as the miracles were used to confirm the message in the first century, so the same thing has happened with us, and that may be it, because external miracles imply that the life and truth of the son is for public consumption. We are being given over to the truth that the natural doesn't mean anything, that the message of the life of the Son was that it is and will remain hidden and secret just as it was for the Son of God. There is nowhere else to look but internally, where the humans cannot see.

The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you.

So many miracles were and are being done that they're almost a commonplace part of our lives at this point. We spent a long time presuming that they would start to manifest themselves externally, because of the NT record and our animal craving to be validated, which is evil because it comes from that which attempted to persuade the Lord away from what was internal to him, not publicly available. The miracles that we experience are to reveal the Father to us so we are able to choose Him, and they've remained internal. None of the humans but us can observe them because they can only observe and evaluate by their own natural, evil animal nature that rules them to keep them as such. Not to say that we don't love and appreciate those gifts from the Father, but that they themselves are just pointing to something better for us, that the thing that drives us is being changed so that we actually can become sons of God. The miracles are for those who don't believe and need to be shown; they are being used for God's purpose, to help the sons believe the unbelievable and impossible, what everyone else around them thinks is made up because they can't see what they see, or hear what they hear.

I suppose the miracle in the fullest sense will be when we're finally redeemed. What we have in us now points to that and gives us a guarantee, seals us up as the deposit that it firmly is, so that as we become less animal and more son we can see it more clearly and are able to comprehend our Father's love for us, which is the ultimate blessing of the son of God. It's all in becoming more of one thing in the sense that our very nature—that of a creature based on the cycles of death—is changing into the nature of another creature, a son of God who is being made perfect, who will be like his Father. The perfection will not be complete until we're actually redeemed, but everything between being born from above and that point of being fully redeemed is what's happening now for us, and leading us to that place of rest.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Actually, being transformed and being given the mind and heart of the son is the will of the Father for each one of the sons. It isn't necessarily about specific works being done, which is a totally animal thing to think because of the craving for notoriety and accomplishment (self-glory, ego gratification while being able to hide behind the banner of "doing god's work"). It is hidden and secret, and we can assume that we will never be validated by the humans, because that desire is from the place where all the evil, God-hating desires come from, which drive the humans who are cursed by that condition (true definition of the sinful nature).

Becoming unlike the adult humans (what all the humans except the Son of God became) is basically what happens to the son. God hates the full grown humans as much as the humans hate full grown, wild animals that are afraid of them and set in their ways. All adult humans were once vulnerable little creatures, able to believe in the unseen things, but they learned to be adults and aspire to be responsible and independent creatures who have to care for themselves. Actually, in a very real sense, the adults generally despise children and usually do what they can to discourage each other from being as they are, e.g., "Grow up and act your age," "Don't be such a child," or "Quit acting like a child!"

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

God wants foolish (according to the adult humans) little creatures who do act like ignorant children instead of self-sufficient adults, who aren't independent at all but know what they are and that they need His life in them to continue in this new way of sonship and away from what they once were. The sons learn to hate the ways of the humans so they move away from them. As much as a little kitten which can be held and loved is so cute and appealing compared to a full-grown feral tomcat that runs away and hisses at you and would scratch your eyes out, so it is with the humans and God. The humans, with their nature, cannot help but hate God, no matter what their intentions are. Nor can they just deny that it's there.

If that initial thing that Jesus told Nicodemus must happen hasn't happened, they merely are the cats who were once long ago like the furry little kitten, but then they grew up and became an adult, and just like the tomcat they learned to survive and be afraid of everything in the world as a threat to their survival. That is the basic workings of the animal nature. With the humans it's a little more complicated because they have to learn to survive in many different, very complicated ways—physical, mental, emotional ways that employ many varied techniques automatically within them as they turn from child to adult. However it's all based on the fundamental predisposition to survive at the most basic levels, what the simpler animals like cats and dogs have. And just as they are driven by their fundamental nature that tells them what they need to do without thinking, so the humans have the same kind of nature that operates below any of their thinking. It becomes intertwined with it so that they act as they are—merely animals at their core, unable to please God, be in His presence or ever know Him because of that condition.


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