May 1st.

Deuteronomy 18 / Ecclesiastes 10 / Acts 9

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These nations which you are about to dispossess heed soothsayers and spellers of charms, but you, the LORD your God has not given such. A prophet like me from your midst, from your brothers, the LORD will raise up.

Him shall you heed.

A prophet I shall raise up for them from the midst of their brothers, like you, and I shall put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I charge him. But the prophet who willfully speaks a word in My name, which I have not charged him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.

A new gospel but not new at all, because the explanation of the origins of the bad news, the dilemma of the humans according to God, is in the beginning incident in Genesis between the first human and God. It is reinforced here and throughout the OT, then by the words of Jesus that he spoke with his human voice while in his human body which were recorded and preserved. Everything he said to his disciples, purposefully went contrary to what they as humans naturally were and wanted. The last reinforcement is contained within the testimony of the letters written in the first century by those who were under the condition that was promised by God through the mouth of Jeremiah. Then it went away and has been gone, as per Daniel's prediction, and the knowledge that was obviously in the NT writers about the great and terrible thing that was going to overtake what they experienced. In the end the good news—that some of the humans will be freed from the nature that was put onto Adam so that they can become sons of God—will come full circle back to the beginning, and God's purpose in the world with the humans will be complete. He will have His family of particular sons with Him where He is, and they will not have to go away from Him.

The journey we're on is clearer now than when we first started. Then we only knew that very specific, supernatural things were happening within us, and they continued to happen with ever-increasing frequency. Now we know a little more, we're a little calmer, and we have a little direction about where we're going. In a nutshell, it is to reverse the thing that happened to Adam, so we're not going anywhere in the spatial or natural sense that is very significant. The process of transforming from an animal to a son is not a natural process; it is about things unseen, so the particulars about where we are don't matter as much unless it impacts the transformation.

As the first son Adam became an animal, so the Teacher's work in us is to make what was merely an animal back into a son of God. Adam was the son who became cursed with the nature of the animal that can't know God. His status changed with God—once the favored, loved son of God, then a mere animal, destined to live and die as any common animal does, who all of a sudden couldn't reach out his hand to grab and have life like he could before. The animal skins which God made for them when this shift happened signifies the human's new condition.

Although its origin and therefore its existence as the thing that is on all of the humans is recorded in the beginning chapters of Genesis, it remains insignificant, therefore invisible and unseen to those who are trying to get to God via the natural, what can be seen. Since the truth is invisible and unseen, it is obviously unavailable unless the way has been purposefully and specifically made available, unless God chooses to make that available, just as He chose to take it out of the world during the second, third and fourth centuries. Jesus continued the tradition, in pure spirit form as it existed inside himself, when he made the way to God available to the 12 men chosen for him, who were the new fathers of God's people. 

The constitution of the spirit in the first century was the life of the same Jesus who once lived as a human, but was the first to not be under that curse and condition "put on" Adam. He was kept clean and untouched by the curse, by hearing the voice of the life of the Father living inside his own human body, and being led/ruled/guided by that nature instead of the animal, the devil. This created in the body of Jesus the very first human who had a consciousness that wasn't driven/led by this animal nature. It wanted him to go its way—as recorded in the temptation record—but he went the harder way, the way of the Father, the way through the uninhabited, deserted places  by denying that animal consciousness and nature within him the right to lead him.

This is the great work of the sacrificial Lamb of God, the redeemer and firstborn Son whose denial of the animal will redeem all of the other sons of God. If one doesn't understand the animal nature as the enemy then there is no possible way of understanding or appreciating the work that God's Messiah actually did on the cross. By becoming the animal—even though ironically he was the only one who deserved to not become one with it, the only one who deserved to be called a son of God by not choosing it—he could take it with him up onto the cross with him and kill its power of death that kept God's other sons in the ground, unredeemed.

Without comprehending the animal and what its power is, the symbolism cannot mean anything more than a chattering mimic's gibberish—what they are for all the world's religions who claim to know the way to God by following their own version of the christ, who always existed as a god. Since they do not know the truth about the animal, nor the significance of the real Jesus' work (if he was a god then the great work he did in denying the animal the right to rule him—his choice, upon which the salvation of every son of God is based—isn't work at all, nor significant because that would be an easy thing for a god to do); their jesus' work can only be just a bunch of meaningless symbolism, abstract religious concepts that have no relation to what is actually inside the humans, what they know or the way they feel. Also, the firstborn Son cannot be a model and example for the other sons if he was a god, because there would be such a huge chasm between their identities.

You heard me say, 'I am going away and I am coming back to you.' If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

The way and path he took is the way that every son must take, because it's the only way to the Father. It is the secret way of the hidden truth, which only the invisible, living Teacher can speak to those who have been given ears to hear him speak. No human can teach the sons the way to the Father; it must be done by the Teacher, who went to Him first. This is a tradition that is first mentioned as the words of God's holy prophet Isaiah, speaking about the things His coming Prophet, Messiah, and King would do. He spoke words as parables that were intended only for the few who had "Been given ears that could hear, and eyes that could see, and a mind that could understand the things that were true." This denotes that it wasn't just some clear message destined for anyone to embrace.

The sons will know they are sons, and will be able to hear the voice of the good Shepherd speaking their names. They will be able to hear the voice that couldn't be heard by them before, and cannot be heard by the rest of the world. There are many counterfeits who claim to be what you actually are, who claim to be able to show you the way, when there is only one way, which is secret and invisible, hidden to all until revealed to the few. The humans will always object to the way of the true son of God; one way is that they will say well how can anyone know or be sure it's true, if it's totally subjective and other's don't know. That is how they will smugly feel they are correct and we are incorrect, because they have the witness of the other humans surrounding them, validating their position. However, if the sons are able to receive the validation from the other humans, then they don't need to 100% rely on the Teacher to validate them, as the firstborn Son had to rely on the Teacher living in him to validate him and the way that only he knew was true. And he is the model for the other sons of God. Here is the plain and simple description of the identity of the firstborn Son, which must also become the same for every son:

You shall be wholehearted with the LORD your God.


The Levitical priests, all the tribe of Levi, shall have no share and estate with Israel. The fire offerings of the LORD and His estate they shall eat. And he shall have no estate in the midst of his brothers. The LORD is his estate, as He spoke to them.

Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.



[Below is the original content of the first day of the writings on 05/01/2004, written in a hotel room at the Airport Hilton in Wichita, Kansas. I'm leaving these 6 paragraphs unedited, just because.]

Now is the time to be changed. We spent 2 years learning concepts and starting on this "journey of change," to be as corny as possible. Now the Lord is speeding up the events, changing the nature of the journey so that we are just starting to become aware of our own nature and realize how far it is from what a spiritual man's nature would be. It is a different form of awareness, a waking up of our state of being. I would assume it is leading to a changed state of mind, of consciousness and awareness of what we were only a moment ago. It is leading to changing our very natures from what we were in the natural to what we will become in the spiritual.

Realizing who the spiritual man is is a step in becoming that, not on our own power but the subtle power of the spirit who changes us, who makes us alive spiritually and nurtures us and grows us up into the new man. When Paul wrote about the old man he was 20 years old in the spiritual man, give or take a few years either way—not exactly a lightweight. Many years of learning, every day, what the spirit was teaching him directly—of growing out of the old man and into the new man.Out of the man of the ground and into the man of spirit, of God's DNA. From death to life, filled with the irony of God who makes us alive in Him by making us dead to the life of Adam, of the ground.

We don't have any writings of Paul when he was young, being converted, growing up and dealing with the changes of moving from the one state to the other. If we did the writings would be markedly dissimilar to what was preserved for us. What we have is Paul, a mature spiritual man, pleading with and exhorting those who were struggling with the very change that he went through.We have some spotty indirect records of power struggles that Paul was involved in, e.g. Barnabas & Peter. We also, though, have the pleadings of Paul to the Corinthians about their struggle to follow God instead of their draw to the ways of the world. That is the record of a group of people, called by God, who wanted to remain who they were in the natural instead of be changed into the new man, set apart from the world, as Paul was.

The mistake we often make is thinking that Paul had some big event happen to him, as his conversion record indicates, then he was just changed into this powerful man of God and he was immediately the man that he was when he wrote the letters. That he was changed by the spirit into a spiritual superman, and that was it. Every child has to grow up, and growing out of the old man, unlearning all the teaching we learned all our life, un being the very person that we are, is a long, slow process—the same as any natural child encounters while growing up.

He teaches us directly, by the living word, and guides us into the transformation from dead to living. It is a process, not a single event. Being born may be a single event, but being born from above is as different from being a mature man from above as being born naturally is different than being a mature natural man. The living word uses the words printed in the book called the Bible to teach us about our Father and everything else we need to know to grow up into the spiritual man, but they are not the living word who teaches us.

Without this living word, who is the spirit, who is Jesus, those words are just dry concepts, tenets and doctrines that those who are not born from above use to make the rules to live by and to keep God contained. With those rules they say "God only works this way, or that way," but in reality God cannot be contained by the rules of man. He does not live in a box that man has constructed with the words in the Bible, but is as free as the wind is free to blow wherever it wants to blow.


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